Sonja loves to talk...



Sonja's unconventional, down-to-earth and interactive speaking style has made her a crowd favorite at conferences around the country such as SXSW, HOW Design Live, and Martha Stewart's American Made. An award-winning serial entrepreneur, she speaks on a range of topics including innovation and creativity, the importance of saying "Fuck It", the future of retail, how to let go of control and embrace the weirdo inside for great breakthroughs, and how to be a leader and badass boss. What Sonja is truly known for is her rare ability to tap into audience energy and bring out vulnerability, to give them the most valuable, inspirational and educational experience possible. 

As a motivational speaker and consultant, Sonja has worked with a variety of organizations including Redbull, Nike, Square, Soho House, Disney Imagineers group, Adobe, and West Elm.



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